echo of clam shells

Phrases like "glare-mint" and "rainbow cortex"
come first, 
wrung out onto floors
(refrigerator, splashed). 

Every couple blocks
cupcake shops
recur verse by verse. 
Echo, echo, phrasal curse, 
same old rhymes.
It could be worse. 

Rainbows stacked in clam shells, 
see what I mean? 
echo, beat of moment-types.

they clap for the clam shells
(opening scene)
reenacting the cube root of the statement

clam shells who reenact all times, silently.
This ritual is arduous; 
continual but not continuous.

Rainbow cupcakes stack,
typical genres of icing glaring at the floors,
wringing out splashes,
retroflex liquids,
mint leaves muddled for tea in cupcake shops.

And did you forget the subject?  But what happened to the images?
Did it splash you?
Can you see it from a distance?  
Then who is the subject?

Katie Ancheta