Sometimes nonsense is like no thanks.
Sometimes we gotta be super for real

gotta leave

the stems and
petal too, the meddle
can't hardly settle grab the

what the hell will help.

Maybe clocks and history
but I can't give this time
brothers and sisters

this is a reckoning.

we're cool
We're cool, right? Are you cool? 

you okay with our sisters and brothers
thinking something else than you?
Believing in another?
Coming from wherever? 

Are you cool?

And nonsensicalifornia like whatever
random effects
like guitar pedals and sighs into the mic
they do something.
They do.

These flakes of words softly floating
this unfolding of ninety petals

a flower that opens and opens
without breakdown

the next one is blooming

Mics are metal, a mesh but why.
Intake, intake, 
please listen.

Katie Ancheta