Puzzle Piece in a Parking Lot

RE: The Cover Image

I caught this puzzle piece in the parking lot at my apartment. Almost walked past it; quick--turn around--camera: tap. Thought it could be a joke someday, like, "Finally, I completed the one-piece puzzle!" or "I'm so glad someone figured out what piece went there!" or "Roadwork complete!" but nothing sang, so I held onto the photo.  

When I started writing about spacetime I found it perfect. ("It" of necessary ambiguity.)

The puzzle piece in the pavement is the small versus the large: the cosmos (if not in your hand) at your feet: looking at the ground, focused close to home. Imagine the photo as an impressionistic painting: specks of light in the distance, galaxies warping the textured darkness, the puzzle piece: cardboard side up, keeping hidden its unknowable other side (yet we make assumptions), keeping other mysteries veiled (what specks lie out of view?).

Just a photo of a puzzle piece in a parking lot. Impression, metaphor, symbol, microcosm, synecdoche, metonymy.

PoetryKatie Ancheta