A Matter of Time

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i have the strength of time within me
i have mountains, quiet valleys
within me

the way we are made of matter
we are made of time

time: relative
mathematicians theorize
maybe a dozen dimensions

how limited our perspectives
how are limits
in linearity?

i wouldn't speak in certainty

grains of sand

all the future happened
already exists

all that existed

i cannot see my eye
cannot see the self
cannot see itself

branching, quaking, 
squirming, shaking,

what is the all?
the piece of totality asks itself

the lady of permutations
changing textures

as food becomes the body
becomes conscious, 
what are the boundaries of change?

what is change
in directionless time?

time passes
bodies pass
relative to other bodies
all the same thing

zoom out
same thing

mountains crumbling, rising sea,
silt layering, eroding
churning matter through

you have mountains in you

Citations for Allusions

  • The image of hills in someone comes from Jesse Stuart in his sonnet "47": "The solidness of hills is in my mother" (26).  
  • The phrase "Lady of Permutations" is from The Inferno (Dante 74).
  • The connected images of wildflowers and grains of sand come from William Blake's "Auguries of Innocence" (n. pag).

Note: This poem was first published on nonsensicalifornia here.


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