sonnets from way back

I've been thinking about what I wrote many moons ago about days like this, Fall days hot and dry.  I also wrote a sonnet once about memorizing poems so here's that too.

Sonnet of Autumn

My walking told the waiting birds to flee;
Each step ground crunching grass into the dust.
I wandered, watching; I paused as robins rushed
from brush and hidden branches toward me.
I ducked as they flew, too many to see,
into maple boughs flexing, showing off rust
to the pulsing breeze, panting its lust.
What hills have seen! What sultry company!

The crackles, the coos: the crowing of Fall,
the white fog inching, slithering from shore,
the lizards basking, lingering for sun
until they run back to their heated hall--
Autumn, bring it all. Autumn, give me more.
I'll watch you dance until the pale sky's dun.



On Poetry and Memorization

If you feel memorizing is a chore,
implore yourself to mind your faculties:
You work your body; work your mind the more
to keep cool concepts sound with subtleties.
Lamenting schisms, celebrating life,
sublimest rhythms and divinest rhymes
pound tender hearts then flash a rusted knife,
read with hotter, harder ardor every time.
I hear a recitation like a spell
to screw to my ear, the sticking place,
and twist my thoughts until I too can tell
I can, with candor, warp a weeping face.
Oh coyly flaunt the treasure of your tongue!
Revive the runes and sing them, soft and long!


Katie Ancheta