always some light shooting out of fingertips, then flimsy coriander, wrapped around a straw, let them live there anymore as whales rhyme each other, each their own song.

a manual psyche, a finger-based thought, fingers quick on the keys, leaving prints and oils, a breath under nails whose acrylic animates all airs: zoom out: all but polish invisible, smooth here, chipped there, bottled in rows every other block or few miles, wide-scale chipping liquid, all for nails

painted, not painted
not painted
get her some water--she's already fainted

lilac threads coat each other, a blanket, pressing into the floor

key for the lock, tea for the talk,
turn it slowly
try the next one

key for the lock, click of a clock
click of the clock
click of the clock

fingers on keys clicking
click of the clock

keys' finger prints
spin the combination lock

finger-based thought on the keys unlock the door, lilac blanket stopping the door, zoom out the straws under the plants, dying, whose lights will keep growing with the click of a clock slowing down, the blanket in the ground still half showing.

Katie Ancheta